CFA Society New Zealand relies on the help of volunteers.  Getting involved is a great way to network, make friends and develop new skills.  A volunteer role can lead to further progression in the Society.

Volunteers should be a member of CFA Society New Zealand, or a CFA candidate.

We have a number of committees/groups people can volunteer for.  These are:

Event development group

Candidate committee

Wellington focus group

Are you interested in supporting and developing the CFA community in Wellington?
Purpose: Provide insights into the requirements of the Wellington membership by assessing and suggesting potential activities, and providing some hand’s on assistance in the implementation (due to paid society staff being based in Auckland).
Size/Structure: Up to six members based in Wellington, include at least one candidate
In person or by video conference
Applications: online, members will be chosen by the committee chair with input from others in the committee , membership will be reviewed yearly following the AGM

If you are interested in helping out – thank you!  Please apply using the links above, or send us an email

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