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Guy Elliffe, CFA
Corporate Governance Manager
Accident Compensation Corporation

What are some of your career highlights so far?
Given I’ve just celebrated my (gold card -1) birthday “so far” is probably “it”. I entered the investment profession 45 years ago through the, then not uncommon, route of actuarial studies and spent the next few decades learning that the application of mathematical techniques required an understanding of businesses to generate good investment outcomes.

The highlight of my career has been leading high-performing equites management teams in NZ and the US for four organizations. Looking back, my strongest skills have been the focus to apply an intellectually robust approach to stock selection and portfolio construction and the ability to identify and support graduates with better minds than I ever had, who went on to have successful careers.

For the last five years as Corporate Governance Manager, my emphasis has been on understanding the duties of institutions and influencing regulatory settings and holding issuers to account for the discharge of those duties.

What do you like most about your job/industry?
I’m an intellectually curious person – the investment business has provided me decades of exposure to interesting ideas, opportunities, and people. I have had boring days but never felt my job was boring. How many careers can offer that variety?

What are your interests outside work?
Family is first – the greatest time demand currently is helping my nephews and nieces to develop small businesses.
As a returned expat, I love the NZ bush, trees and especially birds. I am a regular visitor, member and supporter of Zealandia (the fenced urban sanctuary in Karori).
And ideas – science and novels – my iPad tells me my time watching YouTube lectures and listening to audiobooks is growing faster than most growth stocks.
And sport – especially my Sunday morning golf game with finance industry friends – where in the face of decades of evidence and all rationality, I remain confident I will reduce my golf handicap over the next year.

Can you recommend some good reading and/or viewing?
Science – The Big Picture – Sean Carroll
The Future – On the Future – Martin Rees
Novel – Norwegian Wood – Haruki Marukami
Corporate Governance – the interchange of papers between Bebchuk & Bainbridge re stakeholderism

Make a prediction for 2026
Increased focus on the global interest vs the national interest (given I am an optimist – any other outcome is inconsistent with that optimism).



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