Portfolio Manager at Trust Management (Auckland)

What are some of your career highlights so far?

Working with Trust Management has been an opportunity to interact with special clients, as it only serves charities. I’ve also enjoyed wider responsibilities than before, including managing domestic fixed interest portfolios, rebuilding portfolio management software, selecting external managers, treasury and FX execution, and negotiating contracts.

It was also exciting to spend five years in the formative team involved in setting up the New Zealand Superannuation Fund. When I first joined, the Fund had just 12 employees, so I got to play a big role in building many core risk measures still used today to measure the Fund’s risk and set asset allocation strategy.

What do you like most about your job/industry?

Meeting such a wide range of interesting people. Attending events and engaging in high quality debate about issues that affect performance and clients.

What are your interests outside work?

I am a keen dancer and regularly compete. I enjoy competing in styles of partner dancing that are impromptu, so when I walk onto the floor I don’t know what music I’ll be performing to, and neither do my dance partners.

Make a prediction for 2023…

By 2023, the cost of installing solar electricity will halve, and the amount of solar installed will grow significantly. On sunny summer days, the wholesale price of electricity will be lower at midday than midnight. Looking back, International Sovereign Bonds will have delivered New Zealand investors a negative real return (after inflation) over the five years starting from today.

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