CFA® charterholders are equipped to make complex investment decisions using advanced portfolio management, financial expertise and technical skills. This industry excellence and leadership is underpinned by a strong ethical foundation and the highest standards of practice.

CFA Institute offers members access to the latest financial research, thought leadership, and continuing education. It provides an active hiring networks including access to career advisory and employment tools.

The CFA® Program delivers a range of employer benefits including:

A Flexible Investment
  • The CFA® designation promotes professionalism among your employees
  • Rigorous, self-study, graduate-level program can be achieved while working full time
  • Builds team bonds within offices and across global locations, regardless of roles
  • Many leading institutions in the investment management profession pay for or reimburse their employees for CFA Institute programs
Business Advantages
  • Uniquely positions practitioners to serve clients’ needs
  • Helps build positive client relationships that win and retain business
  • Attests to practitioners’ annual confirmation of adherence with a mandatory Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
Commitment to Professional Status
  • Demonstrates superior practitioner and team competence underpinned by ethics
  • Promotes annual engagement in CPD training
  • Promotes complementary industry compliance codes and standards – CFA Institute Asset Manager Code and Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®)
  • Fosters recognition and partnership in the global marketplace through a shared credential
    Strengthens a disciplined, profession-focused working environment driven by client goals

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