Event development group


Events are key for CFA Society New Zealand to raise industry standards and uphold CFA values.  Events enable the society to:

  • Share key messages.
  • Deliver professional development to members and others in the finance community
  • Increase CFA brand recognition amongst target audiences, including employers
  • Encourage people to undertake the CFA Program or join the Associate Membership
  • Thought leadership and advocacy
  • Develop a sense of community and friendship
  • Support career development by assisting people to expand their professional networks

Purpose / activities

  • The group will be a resource to support CFA Society New Zealand’s event planning activities which are mostly undertaken by the Executive Officer (Kylee Goodwin).
  • Similar to a focus group, the committee will provide a practitioner’s perspective by assessing potential events and activities. This might be done by a quick online survey rather than meeting.
  • Suggest trends, topics and speakers for events.
  • Provide other insights, for example, to avoid calendar clashes with other events or industry deadlines.

Committee composition

  • Chair: Jeff Stangl; oversight
  • Vice Chair; Fiona Foster will lead the management and operations of the committee.
  • Secretary; CFA Society NZ Executive Officer
  • There will be a Wellington group and an Auckland group.  Input will also be sought from outside these centres.
  • A diverse group, eg, age, career stage, gender etc

Ideal skills/qualities

  • Involved and interested in industry events and CPD
  • Actively involved and connected in the finance industry

Term and nominations

  • Committee members can self-nominate to join the committee or be invited to join. There is a rolling entry although joining early in the year is best.
  • The opportunity to join the committee will be promoted to members.
  • Committee members will be reviewed and selected on the previous year’s contribution and/or future impact. This will be done by the Chair, Vice Chair and Society Executive Officer.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Attend committee meetings by video conference (or in person if possible) approximately three times per year, eg, March, June, Sept, or as determined by the committee. Meetings will be approximately one hour long
  • Communicate by email throughout the year, eg, providing feedback and insights
  • See purpose (above).
  • Note that hands-on assistance at events is not required

Recognising volunteers

The society will recognise the valuable work of committee members including:

  • Name on society website
  • Acknowledgment at AGM
  • Priority for opportunities such as complimentary tickets for events
  • Potential pathway to board directorship

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