Deciding to undertake the CFA Program

Completing the CFA Program to become a CFA charterholder is a very big commitment, requiring an average of 1000+ hours of rigorous study.  For some people it is an obvious and easy decision to undertake the qualification.  Others will want to understand more, for example, to assess alignment with their career aspirations.

CFA Institute

All aspects of the course materials, examinations, and approval of the required work experience, are managed by the CFA Institute.  CFA societies are not involved in this but we do provide support to local CFA candidates (students of the CFA Program).

The CFA Institute has a lot of information online about the CFA Program.  Our society encourages people considering the CFA Program to spend time on the website to get an understanding of the organisation as well as the qualification.

CFA charterholders are part of a global community, committed to what the CFA Institute stands for.  It is worthwhile to learn about the CFA Institute’s values, and where it focusses its resources and efforts, including; ethics and standards, advocacy and research.

Other ways to research the CFA Program

  • Get insights from: CFA candidates; CFA charterholders; employers; recruitment consultants; people working in the industry and in the type of role you’re aiming for.  If possible talk with a range of people for a balanced view.
  • Social media.  Reddit is a popular forum for the CFA Program.  Bear in mind the potential shortcomings of information from these sources.

Information from CFA Society New Zealand

  • Recordings about the CFA Program.
  • Information and recordings for CFA candidates.  Includes experiences and advice from CFA candidates, career information.
  • Contact us if you need someone to talk to, for example, a CFA candidate or CFA charterholder.  Email


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