Webinar: Overcoming the Negativity Bias

4-5pm, 15 February 2023
Free, register online

It’s human nature to focus on what is wrong rather than what is right. And often our professional training can exacerbate this tendency.

This workshop is about rewiring the brain to focus on the good which helps to broaden perspective and overcome rigid thinking. It focuses on boosting positive emotions – what they are, how to boost them, and the benefits of doing this.

You will learn loads of simple techniques that can be used every day at work and home.


Understand the health impact of boosting positive emotions. Know the top 10 positive emotions to focus on for highest impact. Practice four evidence based techniques that are easily applied at work and at home.

About the event

The event will be a webinar format. There will be an opportunity for Q&A .

Please register through eventbrite and a link to attend will be emailed to you with an event reminder – check your junk mail if not received.

The speaker – Jane Davis

Director, The Flourishing Institute

A sought-after programme facilitator, keynote speaker and mentor, Jane has spent almost 30 years of working in organisational psychology and her approach is a direct result of her psychology education, business background and practical, results-oriented attitude. She has worked in-house and as a consultant to many of NZ’s leading corporate organisations.

Jane developed these programmes as she is passionate about sharing the science of optimal human functioning and providing as many people as possible with the tools, skills and knowledge to truly thrive at work and at home.