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Who keeps company with the wolf will learn to howl: Does political corruption affect financial adviser misconduct? won the CFA Institute ARX Best Paper Award 2022 at New Zealand’s Finance Colloquium.

The authors, from New Zealand universities, examined whether, and to what extent, employee misconduct is shaped by their local culture.

As their paper states: “Financial misconducts are significant threats to the efficiency and soundness of financial markets and attract increasing attention from academics, practitioners, and lawmakers.  In its various forms, financial misconduct has imposed enormous costs on corporate stakeholders, societies, and entire economies.”

Their research found that; “Financial advisers and advisory firms operating in states with greater political corruption are more likely to commit misconduct.  Overall, their study suggests the externalities of corrupt culture on individual ethics and the essential roles of whistleblowing laws in reducing corruption-prone norms.”

Harvey Nguyen from Massey University will discuss the research and work in this area.  He welcomes questions and feedback from practitioners working in the industry.


Dr Harvey Nguyen PhD, Senior Lecturer, School of Economics and Finance, Massey University

Harvey is the Director of Doctoral Studies, Deputy Director of Sustainability & CSR Research Group, and serves on the editorial board of a number of journals. Harvey has published in internationally recognized and has has won several Best Paper Awards More


Harvey Nguyen (Massey University), Mia Pham (Massey University), Anh Dao (Phenikaa University & Lincoln University), Martin Young (Massey University)


Webinar: Wednesday 31 August, 12.30-1.00pm (NZ time)
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